In today's global marketplace, companies of all sizes need proven, easy-to-use tools for debt recovery & collections, assessment and protection.  FDR provides unparalleled expertise and resources to collect on your overdue receivables.
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Patient Collections Worker's Compensation Attorney Liens
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Patient Collections
We at FDR, Inc. realize that delicate relationships that exist in the Healthcare Environment between the Patient and Healthcare Provider.  The Healthcare Provider has an image to maintain in the community in which it provides service.  Still, it seems unfair that once services have been rendered and the patient has not paid, the Provider needs to expend its efforts and time in order to be compensated.
We also realize that patient collections are not the same as consumer collections. In this case the debtor generated a bill for treatment that was necessary and wants to pay, but does not have the means. That is why our Patient Account Specialists work with the patient by establishing a payment arrangement plan. Thereby enabling the provider to keep the patient and allowing the patient to pay his debt.
Our collection operations are designed to function in harmony with our client’s existing patient accounting system and procedures. Key elements of our success have been the close working relationships we establish with our Clients’ staff and our willingness to meet their unique service needs. We custom design innovative programs that are just right for you.
Patient Collection Services Include:
  • Management always on call to respond to client priority needs.
  • Detailed monthly reports and personal meetings to keep client apprised of progress on all accounts.
  • Integrated on-line credit and skip-tracing retrieval system.
  • Integrated accounting for accurate payment processing.
  • Integrated legal system for legal processing.
  • On-line reporting to TRW, TransUnion, and Equifax.
Worker's Compensation - Billing & Recovery
Worker's Compensation carriers do not make money by paying claims, and their skilled adjusters are hired based on their ability to pay the lowest amount possible in order to settle claims.  It's hardly seems fair that they should dictate what they will or will not pay.  You need an expert to take them to task, but do you have the time to appear before the Worker's Compensation Appeals Board on every case?  WE DO!
Our Worker's Compensation specialists are familiar with and conversant in all Labor Codes dictating recovery status and their expertise is unsurpassed.  We deal with the same Insurance Carriers on a daily basis and have an established reputation in the industry for taking the insurance carrier before the Appeals Board in order to get the Maximum recovery for our client.
Whether you wish to assign initial billing or need expert representation before the Worker's Compensation Appeals Board in objected claim cases; we will take every step necessary to ensure maximum recovery for you, our client.
Worker's Compensation Services Include:
  • Initial Claim Filing
  • Tracer Claim Filing
  • Electronic Green Lien processing to all W.C.A.B. locations
  • Request of Adjudication
  • Declaration of Readiness
  • Petition for Penalties and Interest
  • W.C.A.B Appearances
  • Appeals for Down Coding by Review Companies (i.e. Corvel, Review Co., Accumed, Genex, etc.)
  • Final Negotiations
The above services are performed on contingency fee basis and there is NO COST TO OUR CLIENT until recover is made.
Attorney Liens
Are you losing considerable assets in cases where it is necessary to accept an attorney lien in lieu of immediate payment?  What do you do when the attorney argues that if you have received the contracted amount from the HMO / PPO, you have been paid in full?
Most attorneys' attempts to settle cases with lien reductions are simply unacceptable to the Healthcare Provider.  Some will advise the Patients not to tell the provider if there has been an accident, yet it's the provider's bill that will be used to get a higher settlement.  Others will argue that if the provider has received the contracted amount from the HMO / PPO, they have already been paid in full and refuse to sign a lien.  If you are going to do battle with highly experienced attorneys you need to speak "Legalese" and a small mistake in the lengthy lien process can cost you and your organization substantial revenue losses.
Our team of specialists anticipate the attorney's objections, speak their language and negotiate your lien payment intelligently and within the lay rather than argumentatively.  Whatever the status of your case we're there when you need us.
Our Attorney Lien Services Include:
  • Verification whether or not a lien needs to be implemented
  • Lien Perfection
  • Provision of Billing / Record
  • Case Tracking
  • Professional Negotiating

Our experts know exactly what to do to protect your interest.